Infographic: Bearing Timeline


If someone would ask you for how long have bearings been around and what are the beginnings of this solutions that is so important in the modern world, would you know the answer?

Would you believe that a form of bearings was used at about year 2600 BC? The history of this solution is long and a lot of things have changed with time. You can learn more about the history of the bearing industry with this infographic.

AleksejsInfographic: Bearing Timeline
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Wooden Pallets – Infographic

We all know what wooden pallets are. We have seen them being used in different places and it allows us to understand just how popular they are worldwide. And there are a lot of good reasons for this popularity of this storage and transportation solution. This infographic has been created for people like you to find out more about wooden pallets in order to understand what makes this solution the best one out there.

AleksejsWooden Pallets – Infographic
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