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Infographic: Bearing Timeline


If someone would ask you for how long have bearings been around and what are the beginnings of this solutions that is so important in the modern world, would you know the answer?

Would you believe that a form of bearings was used at about year 2600 BC? The history of this solution is long and a lot of things have changed with time. You can learn more about the history of the bearing industry with this infographic.

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Infographic: Bearing Timeline

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Bearings are the kind of solution that we are now all so used to that we don’t even think about their importance in our lives. And even though this solution is so simple it is hard to believe that bearings have been around for such a long time. This infographic is indeed the perfect example of how long has the history of bearings been.

The information used is this infographic has been taken from the American Bearing Manufacturers Association. Original information is available here.

AleksejsInfographic: Bearing Timeline