Pallet Collars

Professional Packaging

Pallet Collars are a modern, reusable type of packaging that ensures economic and convenient storage and transportation of compact, friable as well as bulky products of different types. The flexible construction and high durability ensures warehouse optimisation and allow to save significant space even in transportation. A must-have for professional logistics!

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Efficient Transportation

The number of collars per pallet is 108 for the standard packaging. If different amount is required by customer it can be changed to fit individual needs.

Collars ready to transport

Capacity of Standard Packaging

Full truck of standard packaging = 2808 pallet collars = packaging for 550 m3

Collar Capacity

Height of Pallet Collars

400, 300, 200 and 100 mm are the standard heights for pallet collars, but in case of individual requirements for specific product sizes Kronus Collars will manufacture custom height.

Collar Standart Heights

Size of Wooden Collars

Size does matter when safe and efficient storage and transportation of goods is needed. Different standard sizes as well as custom pallet collars from 300 up to 3500 mm in length will ensure precise packaging for different goods.


Collar with size 600x800


Collar with size 800x1200


Collar with size 1000x1200


Collar with custom size
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Dividers for Different Collars

Small goods or different groups of products can be easily stored and transported using a single pallet by choosing to use pallet collar dividers. There is no need for additional packaging when dividers are used, therefore efficiency of work and optimisation of resources is ensured.

4 sections

Pallet Collar Dividers - 4 Sections

6 sections

Pallet Collar Dividers - 6 Sections

9 sections

Pallet Collar Dividers - 9 Sections

12 sections

Pallet Collar Dividers - 12 Sections
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Personalisation And Brand Recognition

Collar With Kronus Logo

Organise the warehouse like never before with euro pallet collar parts that are painted in specific colours or with the logo of your company which will ensure brand recognition improvement. Allow your production to stand out in the crowd!

Distance Keepers

Choose to use distance keepers when fast and easy access to stored goods is needed and multilevel storage is used for organisation and optimisation of your warehouse space.

Pallet Collar Distance Keeper

Pallet Collar Hinges for Less Space

Pallet Collar With 6 Hinges

Pallet collars with 6 hinges require even less space when they are stored or transported, therefore they are highly convenient even when used in relatively small places. The design with 6 hinges makes it even easier to assemble these collars therefore warehouse employees will no longer spend long time on doing unproductive work.

Different Materials

Specific storage conditions and loads of goods require different materials. Choose from wood, plywood, OSB, double board and plastic to meet your needs with high quality, reliable materials.

Black Plastic Pallet Collar

Plastic Corners

Pallet Collar Corners

Choose to use plastic corners in order to protect the packaging and stored goods from damaging. A simple solutions that reduces the risk for wooden pallet collars to shift and fall when they are stored or moved in multi level.

Doors and Lids

Use the solution that meets your requirements the most. Lids ensure complete protection of the goods that are stored or transported by completely sealing the packaging. Doors on the other hand provide fast and easy access to the stored goods even when they are stored in multilevel.

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Pallet Collar Doors
Pallet Collar Lids

Label Holders

Pallet Collar Label Holders

Manage your warehouse like never before with label holders that allow to mark and track specific packaging. A convenient way to organise warehouse without damaging the appearance of pallet collars.

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