Custom Pallets

At KRONUS we understand that while our standard pallets will satisfy a wide range of needs but that there are many cases when a custom pallet is needed.

Specific complexity and construction of custom pallets is what makes a difference when particular goods need to be stored or transported.

KRONUS knows that and offers the manufacturing of different specific pallets, that can be based on your drawings if necessary.

Non-standart pallets

non-standart pallets

Two-way pallets

two-way pallets

Non-wood pallets

non-wood pallets

Full deck pallets

full deck pallets

Pressed cubes, planks, OSB and plywood are only some of the different materials that are used in order to ensure high quality solutions for individual clients.

Our goal is to help you meet your unique needs by providing pallets that are customized to your unique product needs. Our wide range of customizing options can be modified to meet your unique product demands.

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Specific Modifications

According to requirements of individual customers it is possible to improve the durability and functionality of pallets with different modifications, such as rounding or trimming.

While our standard pallets are usually more than efficient for most needs we do acknowledge that there are specific circumstances where modifications are a necessity and we are always ready to comply with our client’s needs.

Our staff will discuss options for modification with you, come up with solutions that are actionable to customize pallets for you, make recommendations on materials and modifications and deliver the pallets customized to your specifications.

Board beveling

board beveling



Sawed-off corners

sawed-off corners

Timber slot cutting

timber slot cutting

We make modifying pallets to your specific needs seamless because we have the experience that it takes to make the modifications. At KRONUS our goal is to provide our clients with the options that they need to make their warehouse better organized, more productive and to get more out of their available space.

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Regardless of the type of customization you need KRONUS can provide you with the specific modifications that you need to realize the potential success of your warehouse. With our modifications you will be able to get the return out of your investment that you hope for.

cutom pallets design

Customize to Your Business

You can use painted custom pallet parts or the logo of your company to improve the recognition of your brand. Identifying your pallets can also help you with a returnable program and make it a lot easier to ensure that your pallets make it back to you.

Branding your pallets is also a good business move. It gives your business the appearance of being a more professional and organized business that wants to make a good impression.

What is more, making your logo specific to your business will help you to organise, identify and register different packages in the warehouse.

KRONUS Offers the Support You Need

Whether you are ready to have standard pallets added to your warehouse or you are looking for specific customizations, KRONUS is the supplier that can help you to exceed your expectations. We are ready to help you to realize your warehousing potential and enjoy a more productive environment!

Speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members today to learn more about modification options to meet your unique needs!

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