Used Pallets

Saving financial resources is possible in an eco-friendly way by choosing to use refurbished pallets. Collection of used wooden pallets, certified maintenance as well as delivery to customer is provided by Kronus.

There are plenty of reasons that many businesses are choosing to buy used and save. It is the right decision for eco-friendliness and of course it may be just the option you need to cut back on costs.

Used Does Not Mean Lesser Quality

At Kronus we take every measure to ensure that used does not mean less quality. Each pallet is closely inspected to ensure that it is up to par and in good working condition.

A pallet offers a great deal of long term use and typically is taken out of circulation long before it has to be taken out of circulation, because it is used does not mean that it is not highly serviceable and ready to be used many times more.

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Used pallets

Why Are Pallets Taken Out of Circulation?

There may be some confusion as to why a pallet is taken out of circulation before its time. A lot of people mistakenly believe that pallets are taken out of circulation because they are not serviceable any longer.

The reality is many times a company will decided to take a pallet out of circulation because they have an end to end supply chain and they do not share pallets! Some firms are still not reusing pallets, they ship to the end user and the end user may repurpose or they return them.

Used pallets are most of the time simply pallets that were not used to their fullest extent.

The Benefits of Choosing Used Pallets

Cutting back on costs especially when it comes to supply chain, logistics and making the most of your storage opportunities is very important.

Choosing used wooden pallets may be seem like a very simple way to start saving, but it is often an overlooked option. By choosing used you can: save money, keep pallets from being wasted and help the environment.

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Obviously the key benefit when you choose used is the financial benefit to your business. You get a superior, storage, shipping option for a fraction of the cost of what you would pay for new.

This cost savings can quickly add up and prove to be one of the easiest ways for you to reduce your overall costs.

Pallets that are not recirculated into the supply chain, are wasted. They can wind up as scrap or being destroyed. It is a needless waste that has clear consequences for the environment.

There are millions of pallets in circulation at any given time, creating new pallets when there plenty of pallets available creates more stress on the environment than there has to be.

The eco-friendliness of choosing used wooden pallets is not only good for the environment it is also good for the reputation of your business.

Consumers are looking up and down the supply chain to check on what businesses are doing to reduce, reuse and conserve resources! Being “that” company can help to greatly improve the perception of your business.

Buy used pallets and save!

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